Monday, July 13, 2020

It All Falls Apart (Part Ten)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I refer to as a Music Monday..

Sounds will bump, but at the moment we're doing the knowledge , check us out!! similar to going to the moon and doing the other thing like John F Kennedy?

Not sounding like Trump vs Dr Anthony Fauci, mileage is good on the mothership  you can spot me blasting into the universe out here off of I-20 in Atlanta...

Now check this data dump aka breaking news from these breakbeat scientists letting my constituents know that it all falls apart, what we have is spiritual! somebody will understand a brotha..

We'll pull up / fall through showing heart but naysayers said we had hazardous material, saying we didn't follow CDC guidelines like those concerning coronavirus.. they'll report us to the Environmental Protection Agency but like Trump and  Betsy DeVos concerning school reopening they don't want to protect the babies; it doesn't surprise us..

Reopening the economy aka the pursuit of the prize was their main focus, but like Covid 19 case increases in Arizona, Florida, Georgia and Texas it all falls apart..

Reopening the economy aka the pursuit of the prize aka "it's all about the money ain't a damn thing funny" aka " cut the check / show respect"  is heard from those that don't have a heart...

What it do? it all falls apart,  lack of knowledge hurt some but excuse us as we fight back with the drum, the weapon of choice in the ongoing spiritual warfare!! plus we'll utilize the Battle Cry;  Lord Help!! Lord help!! that was my prayer!! 

What it do? it all falls apart, others get foul with it!!  spotted rolling the dice anyway, like Las Vegas /  Atlantic City or in the Park Hill projects up in the Louisville;  my people know the deal, I even heard give encouragement; play on player!!

...I take that advice, gained my second wind as it all falls apart; had to admit,  the journey has the Brotha O-Zone exhausted...

.."it ain't nothing nice" as it all falls apart but we'll  drop this science, striking back!! no sentences commuted like Roger Stones's so once again it's on!!  we're hitting them and those up!! some will get Sonic Assaulted...

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