Thursday, July 23, 2020

The Temperature's Rising But It's Still A Cold World (Part Three)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday, that's how the work will be!! can you dig it? the moment doing some other things based on what reality brings; a Thankful Thursday? oh yes, even though everybody's going through something; can you dig it?

Due to global warming? the temperature is rising, but it'still a cold world!! it's 90 degree weather in Atlanta but  will a player  need to rock my leather coat and skull cap?

....or maybe the wool Kangol, so how should we roll? protesting in Portland or Chicago?  teargassed like Portland's mayor? please!! the least of worries as Trump's Secret Police will bust you upside the head or skull for that!!

Some jokers are full of that, now the temperature is rising and it's not surprising per Quincy Jones with his Body Heat joint..

Some jokers act a fool with this and that!! the temperature is rising but it's a cold world; O-Zone? not the one the street's will anoint...

O-Zone? due to the temperature rising I  broke a rule or two; I wasn't feeling the energy floating around!! it wasn't compatible to mine!

Danger zones? in a cold world,  they're everywhere, supposedly like Chinese spies in the Houston consulate inhabitants were showing scorn!! acting like they're out of their damn mind!

Danger zones? in a cold world,  they're everywhere!! due to Covid 19 the so called essentail / damned are found still on the grind!! but per Throwback Thursday  its no one of a kind love affair like the Spinners!

What' goes on? damn !! who's found in the war between the haves and have nots? the GOP Senate and The White House propose a coronavirus aid package that's lacking that and this!! who are the losers? who are  the winners?

The temperature is rising, but it'still a cold world!! Dr Anthony Fauci says coronavirus isn't going anywhere so there!!  this game is not for beginners, but then again maybe it is!

These veterans in the game know too much,  rookies are naive!! they'll continue to believe Trump  and the empty promises!

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