Sunday, May 17, 2020

The Battle Cry Is Still Used: Lord Help! Lord Help! PT.6

Sunday Jazz Continues, but at the moment?  O-Zone will take a pause for the cause, because he's down for the cause!!

Dropping this good word, you heard? zones are under attack,  on the wall?  a dude's back, we fight back; why? because!!

The Battle Cry Is Still Used: Lord Help! Lord Help! first heard used by Rev. William T Shumake up in Louisville / Newburg...

Advice taken from the reverend plus advice taken from Mr Cole on how jokers in this world roll!!  plus science was dropped by the old schooler Abdullah up in Louisville / Newburg...

"It ain't nothing nice"; these arts and sciences straight from the Institute Of Breakbeat Scientific Studies are an extension of the prior knowledge gained; we didn't merge with the ongoing status of the apparatus..

"It ain't nothing nice" as these dangerous minds loot the treasury per corporate bailouts related to the coronavirus..

It doesn't surprise us, but what's the condition of my people "Down Here On The Ground" per George Benson per the Sunday Jazz reference?  drama from the next level is exhibited.

The prize introduced per Nancy Pelosi's Heroes Act 2020 bill?  how will these so called heroes act? check the petition from our end; Lord Help!! Lord Help!! is the Battle Cry that's exhibited.

..especially while we're in the midst of this coronavirus pandemic; heard the word from a cynic,  no heroes needed per Tina Turner? please!! O-Dizzle is a page turner not a quitter / stopper..

Who's really with it?  your dude chilled per sheltering in place / social distancing but earlier Sun Ra type of  intergalactic journeys were taken!! after consultations with aliens O-Dizzle shows you he drops funk and he's a hip hopper.

Told you earlier, your dude is a don't quit and don't stopper!! The Battle Cry Is Still Used: Lord Help! Lord Help! this is word from a reluctant warrior but into the fray I went; please!! the train of thought is rolling!!

Now, once again it's on!! in this zone?  The Battle Cry Is Still Used: Lord Help! Lord Help!! prayer warriors felt the pain they fought for us!! in the midst of the madness we're still blessed / we're still rolling!!

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