Thursday, May 07, 2020

The Battle Cry Is Still Used: Lord Help! Lord Help! PT.4

Lord Help Lord Help is The Battle Cry, check it out!! a brotha borrowed it from the old school baptist preacher!! now I'll fire up the mothership, this is all the fuel I need..

In the midst of this coronavirus pandemic? spiritual health is the business, but sometimes we're acting like a damn fool!! true indeed...

It doesn't take an academic to figure out who's with you;  Godspeed represents his will being done...recognize..

Your dude is accused of being a fanatic; sometimes outside the box, .plus out of sync but the situation? a dude rectifies..

O-Dog rocks; the Brotha O-Zone? I was standing outside the fence, peeped over it.! spotted the artificial aka astro turf, it was so green!! plus fake ones were astro- turfing 

Hustle knocks abound in this zone; enhanced by this Full Moon In Scorpio? some will find out how the sport will go / how it's working...

Hustle knocks abound in this zone!! some danced with the devil now they're rolling like they're on off road vehicles out in the rural areas or like these  jokers that ride around in here Atlanta; reality caused some to wreck their rides!!

They were trying to Getaway like Earth Wind and  Fire per this Throwback Thursday!!  Brian Kemp lifted the Georgia  shelter in place order, so I'm checking out how they slide...

I Can See What Some Were Saying something about catching up on their pimping up in the place!! soon caught up in the helter - skelter; collateral damage?

I can see others are praying; The Battle Cry Is Still Used:  Lord Help! Lord Help! per Throwback Thursday? back in the day it's how the elders managed!!

In the ongoing spiritual warfare?  what they tell us is weaponized; The Battle Cry Is Still Used:  Lord Help! Lord Help!

We'll keep going, taking it there!! now a naysayer is surprised!! they'll see us getting blessed / help..

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