Monday, May 25, 2020

Classic and Soulful House Mix ♫ 2020

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this Music Monday, we're coming through clear the runway...

...that's out here on I-20 in Atlanta as we blast off into the universe trying to reverse the curse; sonic assaulting, so some are done with me..

...mad because I pray and curse?  I mentioned The Battle Cry Is Used; Lord Help!! Lord Help!! we're trying to maintain spiritual, mental and physical health... the midst of this Covid - 19 / coronavirus pandemic; the punches? rolling with them surprising some!! the prize pursuit? others are resuming them per that reopen America / Herd Immunity strategy!! per a capitalist ti's all about the wealth...

Homage and respect is paid on this Memorial Day to those that paid the ultimate price, also to coronavirus victims; now the moves made are stealth!!  thought and fashion police heard I had diplomatic immunity so they try to test me but the Lord will continue to bless me

...and you so we'll bless you per this O-Dog Day Party, a celebration of life!! we're listening to this Classic and Soulful House Mix ♫ 2020 courtesy of DJ Groove!! check out the playlist and the mix as we stay on th move!! not trying to let these jokers stress me!!

01. Aeroplane - Love On Hold (Dr. Packer)
02. Jose Lopez - Over Freedom
03. Le Babar - Yeah
04. Sould Out - Vamos Baby
05. Rainbow Team - Dreaming (Birdee)
06. Ridney, Inaya Day - Gotta Have
07. Hott 22 - 8th Wonder
08. Donna Allen - He Is The Joy (U.B.P. Classic Dub)
09. Walter G - Our Jazz
10. Lisa Millett, Dave Anthony - This Time Baby (Richard Earnshaw)
11. King Club - You Were Singing (Ralf Gum & Crisp Alternative Vocal)
12. Steve Miggedy Maestro - The Stars
13. Jo Paciello - Saint Germain Jazz Cafè
14. Luis Radio, Luigi De Angelis - Straight Ahead
15. DJ Chus, Groove Foundation - That Feeling
16. Vince Watson - Into The Night
17. Julie McKnight - Home (Knee Deep Dub)
18. Tommy Glasses - Do You Realize
19. Mod, Luisen - Small Town Boy (Jamie Lewis Re-Styled Club)
20. Jask feat. Jocie - Beautiful (Jocie In My Room)
21. Dutchican Soul feat. Karmina Dai & Mr. V - Raise It Up
22. Harry Romero feat. Robert Owens - I Go Back
23. Miguel Migs feat. Lisa Shaw - This Melody (The Love Vocal)

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