Sunday, May 03, 2020

Is There A Doctor In The House? (Part Nine)

It's going down from the  Wuhan Labs in China to over here in Atlanta, now my constituents are asking, is there a doctor in the house?

Morale was low, drab attitudes soon reversed in Atlanta and the rest of Georgia as the shelter in place is lifted? in the White House priorities shifted they won't let Dr Anthony Fauci  testify in the house!!

Check the style / steelo; sonic rehab will take place as Doctor O- Dizzle will administer this sonic medicine, Sunday Jazz and Digital Crate Digging Continues...

Check the style / steelo; from old school Checker Cabs in Louisville to these hoopties rolling down I-20 in Atlanta!!  O-Dizzle is pulling up like Air Force Thunderbirds / Navy Blue Angels flying over Atlanta as this coronavirus madness continues!!

Check the style / steelo; from the old school / new school / next school Brotha O-Zone out here trying to survive in this danger zone as thought and fashion police try to trump up old charges like checking Joe Biden's file..

Check the file that's still expanding from the present so called President Trump, Bill Barr is  in charge of the cover up!!    please he's got a history of  rolling foul!!

Is There A Doctor In The House?  the jobless list is expanding as my constituents are down to their last buck even though they got a small / short stimulus check, so what's up?  meanwhile crooks were burning down the house like Talking Heads  as corporations received their large stimulus payments per hitting up the treasury..

Is There A Doctor In The House? Doctor O is like Doctor Spock as the mothership is landing letting my constituents know God is in the blessing business, in the midst of all this he's got us!! bear witness he'll fulfill the prophecy.

Is There A Doctor In The House? check out these thrift store prophecies, as thought and fashion police wonder what's up with these!!  just O-Zone's clearance rack epiphanies?  naysayers full of negativity said  the prophecy won't be fulfilled down here in the so called promise land.

Is There A Doctor In The House? priorities will shift during the ongoing paradigm shift; some are still waiting for answers;  it's rough out here, a new normal / reality!! some things we won't understand

O-Dizzle rocked the house with this musical medicine as  priorities shift during the ongoing paradigm shift;   chilling  like Hebrews  in the modern day land of milk and honey? 

What's the dizzle? I'm trying to chill / breathe again but breaking news confronts this breakbeat scientist; soon find this dude rolling out here in Atlanta on I-20..

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