Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The Battle Cry Is Still Used: Lord Help! Lord Help! PT.8

Check us out as we set this HumpDay Extravaganza off!! check out  this ministry as we have this mid- week service..

The Battle Cry Is Still Used: Lord Help! Lord Help! getting over the hump is the business, understand a brotha? good vs evil synastry making the outlook bleak?

The Battle Cry Is Still Used: Lord Help! Lord Help! plus we're doing the knowledge, math / science / chemistry studied per this coronavirus / Covid 19 being on the scene!  many asymptomatic?  open the country up said Trump!!

The Battle Cry Is Still Used: Lord Help! Lord Help! the mothership gets good mileage, extraterrestrials told us how the funk should go so the sound is weaponized!!  in spiritual warfare?  it's functional!! we're fighting the system by dropping this good word and the beats will bump..

The system? dysfunctional as brothas and sisters get gaffled from Ahmaud Arbery in Brunswick Georgie to Breonna Taylor in Louisville to George Floyd in Minneapolis..

The system? dysfunctional!!  some act baffled; what were they expecting? we already know the score!! now my people are protesting up in Minneapolis plus we had to tell another about Louisville as narcs tore up the Oldsmobile Delta 88 back in the day looking for contraband; they thought they had us..

How did they roll? now my people wonder, when will the enemy strike? per that phrase heard during the holiday season, peace and good will towards man?  somebody lied!! usually the devil, so we operate on another level!! check the sound cloud we float in; .the sound thumped, plus we look at the big picture...

How did they roll? due to the ongoing chaos and confusion somebody cried; soon The Battle Cry Is Heard: Lord Help! Lord Help! now in the midst of the battle the healing process takes place!! who's doing that thing real big?  this is how it's going down, check  the sound and the scripture!

Per Ephesians 6 :12  we're fighting principalities / wickedness in high places and the dark forces of this world!! during the battle? some cried Lord Help!!  Lord Help!! oh yes that's the battle cry / that's what I heard!!

During these seasons / during these battles? the sound was weaponized as the trunk rattled in the hooptie!! brand new funk is dropped,  you heard? O-Zone had the good word; check it's a whole sack full...

In the lab?  it's next to the stash of funk!! y'all should know by now O-Dog has a whole track full...

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