Sunday, May 10, 2020

Nick Holder – Black Jazz #1

Sunday Jazz Continues as Sunday morning transitions into Sunday afternoon..
Check these menus, Sunday meals are served, O-Dizzle swerved playing a tune..
…or two so what it do?  O-Dizzle  curb served like low level pharmaceutical salesman at the Shell Service Station in Decatur or Stone Mountain?
Naw!! O-Dizzle is blue collar  with the dirt filled nails /  cuticles while  O-Zone did the math, posted up in the cubicle; spotted the shell game after observing the scene, ready to roll after the shelter in place is lifted?  a hater tried to tell me there’s a youth fountain…
…or even a Brooklyn Bridge for sale; please!! off into the universe I sail!! listening to Nick Holder with Black Jazz #1
Taking it to the bridge as  we bridge this house music with jazz; excuse us but we’re on one..
Check this out at Nick Holder – Black Jazz #1

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