Thursday, October 08, 2015

Catching Up On Their Pimping PT. 5 (The Return Engagement)

So what's really going on? jokers were slacking on their pimping like Andre McGee and Katina Powell, jeopardizing Louisville basketball...

So what's really going on? jokers need to catch up on their pimping, you feel me? the system is foul with theirs!! like Russia in Syria they'll blast on y'all!!

So what's really going on y'all?  Rupert Murdoch disrespects Obama!! he said Ben Carson would be a real black president but the hood questions his credentials..

 So what's really going on? some heard O-Dog would rock!! during the ongoing drama haters are starting we respond with  sonic assaults / violent / vicious attacks against shady so called officials...

What's the deally? O-Zone even had to catch up on his pimping due to ongoing hustle knocks from flagrant agents from all facets of life: street,  religious, corporate, government so called officials..

What's the deally? danger zone business still gets handled by faith and action!! we reach our potentials..

Capitol Police and other officials front on the Justice or Else 2015 Million Man March, let the propaganda begin!!

The Capitol will send out their Peacekeepers per the Hunger Game: hunger and thirst in the game? oh yes!! let the healing process begin!!

Once that occurs? we can all catch up on our pimping!! now check out the return engagement, we're back up in this piece!!

Lines blur out their in the smoke and mirrors: this is not a simple thing, you heard the catch phrase / cliche no justice no peace..

O-Dog is on these cases; we fight horrors and terrors with the *Steady Bombardment Of The Enemy Position*  following the rules of the drum, the rules of thumb....

Waking up those caught up in The American Dream;   they're moving like the Walking Dead / numb..

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