Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Percussions and Repercussions PT.3

Once again it's on! check us out, as the HumpDay Extravaganza is underway...

OctoberFest is coming to a close, celebrating 10 years of being on Twitter and also eight years of my satellite station What's Really Going On!! this good word is dropped and of course the music will play!! 

It's not over, we're blessed!!  but damn!! here we go again!! if it "ain't one thing it's another" so a dude has these breakbeat scientific discussions. 

It's not over, my people are stressed!! damn!!  here we go again!! of course O-Dizzle gets breakbeat scientific helping out in these situations with the percussions.

Whatcha knowing? some are waiting on repercussions,  like waiting on Robert Mueller to conclude the Russian investigation? 

Whatcha knowing?  it's like waiting on Scully and Mulder with an X-Files investigation

Whatcha knowing? we checked the styles of brothas like the old schooler Abdullah up in Louisville / Newburg who hit us up with the elaborations;  letting us know that this world "ain't right" 

 Whatcha knowing?  we're wrestling with reality like we're Abdullah the Butcher or somebody; hate filled drama goes down from  Louisville to Pittsburgh; we didn't merge so what's the word on the curb from naysayers? they  told us we can't fight. 

Please!! we're not a Gus or a Herb we're saying prayers then  "going for what we're knowing";  here we our dropping these insights and the beat. 

Losing and winning fights in this spiritual warfare feeling the heat. 

O-Dizzle has the street funk,  he's dealing with the percussions. 

 O-Zone lets you know the dizzle,  the reign begins with a drizzle so some will face the repercussions. 

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