Saturday, October 20, 2018

Theo Parrish: Overyohead

Digital Crate Digging Continues; the Saturday Night Fever is going down like this!!

Coming from another  era / area / district; a retro-futuristic mystic hitting the masses up with the sound like this!!

Dealing with horror / terror like District 12 as Hunger Game Peacekeepers / stormtroopers  meet the South American migrant caravan at the Guatemala - Mexico border.

Hunger and thirst creeps up on us during the ongoing storm; beat loops plus breakbeat scientific scoops from this so called African American was scaring them!! they told a dude to let it go, I was out of order..

Some of my constituents are with it, but the ongoing storm did harm to others; like this track by  Theo Parrish it might be Overyohead

Drums played over the constitution as we broadcast live from Georgia, ground zero for voter suppression as we hit you up with this session like it's straight from church / the parish; hitting some upside the head!!

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