Sunday, October 21, 2018

Jan Hammer Group - Magical Dog

Sunday Jazz Continues!! check us out, even though it seems we're out on the fringes..

Son spazzing because those that disrespect use their menus to wreck us? out of shape due to the binges?

O-Dizzle will bring the antidote, O-Zone had a quote, put them in a syringe after finding a good vein..

Sizzling hot, rebuking the fizzling scheme / plot!!  and like  Saudis concerning Jamal Khashoggi goodbye to the good plan!!

What's good man? plans will fall through like the floor at the Homecoming Party at Clemson!!  it didn't make sense son!! meanwhile we're still caught up in this jazz rock / fusion..

Listening to the Jan Hammer Group with a track called Magical Dog; magic displayed by O-Dizzle aka O-Dog? check out the players and the track so you can gain traction!!

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