Thursday, October 04, 2018

The I-20 Chronicles (Another OctoberFest Edition PT.2)

Your dude is still out here rolling down I-20 in Atlanta, even though we've moved on to October;  not a damn thing has changed!!

Check the attitude, somebody might understand a brotha when I mention the game is still the same, but rules / tools  we're moved around / re-arranged..

Check the attitude, as this good word is dropped and beats banged; in the meantime and between time I was waiting on the smoke to clear,  but per the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation  hearings the machine made more smoke enhanced by mirrors.

A lot of hating was going down, Democrats vs Republicans,  check the culture warfare;  related to spiritual warfare?  I was supposed to fear the horrors and terrors?  

Mentioned earlier I was on a different page, this "brothaman" is not debating with these politicians /  wannabe pundits and experts with their matrix like networks. 

Due to feeling  a different rage? not relating to those devoid of funk!! per this OctoberFest  this good word and  the funky drum kits will hit up their networks. 

Coming from a different age / era per Throwback Thursday; crunk was the ATL terminology but now jokers talk about getting lit..

...or maybe being turned up with drinks thrown back / turned up / weed / loud  burned up /  lit..

I was like MC Hammer too legit to quit   per this Throwback Thursday / OctoberFest conjunction even though the system stressed; mad because earlier I mentioned I wasn't worried about them they should worry about me? 

O-Dizzle will jam bro, in the midst of this OctoberFest!!  O-Zone? I'm  blessed, still rolling down I-20 in Atlanta but it's still hard to find somebody to work with me...

 This OctoberFest is going down!! it's in the midst of Libra season!!   meanwhile conservatives and liberals accuse each other of treason!! per Throwback / Thursday it's just a reprise or rerun on how it's done;  life is hectic /  chaotic.

 It's not over, as my people are still stressed / not surprised when I mentioned it's rough out here,  especially when the energy is kinetic.

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