Sunday, October 28, 2018

Nu Era - Phoenix

Sunday Jazz Continues, we're trying to keep this rolling like we're working on a old hooptie trying to keep it running..

Tune up? new tires? changing the oil? that type of preventive maintenance?  similar, when  the good word is dropped / truth be told; plus the funky drummer is drumming..

Next tune up? digital crate digging is involved until the problem is solved; we'll do it in the mix....

Next one up? exposed per rigging the system creating a problem instead of a solution / sowing confusion; exposed when we get breakbeat scientific..

Next one up? a broken beat / house music / jazzdance / jazz funk track form Nu Era with a track called Phoenix..

Uplifting a broken spirit? the music has a way of doing that; those that crashed and burned will rise out of the ashes like the Phoenix!!

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