Friday, October 12, 2018

The I-20 Chronicles (The OctoberFest Edition) PT.4

We're still rolling down I-20 in Atlanta, a Flashback Friday is the occasion..

Still putting it down for OctoberFest!  we're back with this, serious we're not playing!! 

Still putting it down, rocking this!! no court jester like Kanye West with his dude Jim Brown riding shotgun...

What it do / what it does? per this Flashback Friday?  like the Lox / D Block  your dude is still posted up in the spot, that's what's up son!!

What it do / what it does? still rolling down I-20 in Atlanta, over on Glenwood Road in Decatur? Dekalb Police were posted up, act like you knew when I tell you the block is still hot. 

It's like Lil Wayne with the Hot Boys mentioned,  but who paid attention /  who did the knowledge? check the war between the have and have nots!!

Check for Mitch McConnell types; plots schemes and ploys were devised by those in pursuit of the prize,  their methods were ruthless. 

Spotted teams of pundits and so called experts,  but their methods were toothless. 

We plotted with drum kits and this good word,  weaponized for the occasion!

Usually thinking of a master plan like Eric B and Rakim;  playing it like the Deele on two occasions.

Day and night? per this OctoberFest we'll be rocking them and those!!  of course the devil will oppose. 

Day and night? still rolling down I-20 in Atlanta!! we'll be rocking them with the sound plus we're dropping this prose.

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