Sunday, October 28, 2018

SofaTalk - Purple Seed (Reekee Soul Version)

Sunday Jazz Continues on a cool Sunday in Atlanta!! we're chilling out as October comes to a close...

Scorpio Season is underway, some understand a brotha when I say I'm not about the drama like the Hunt For Red October even though the devil will oppose..

In the sport? expect treason as the devil and his advocates will bring a red October per  Cesar Sayoc in Florida mailing pipe bombs, Kroger shootings by Gregory Bush in Louisville to Robert Bowers shooting up synagogues up in Pittsburgh..

In the sport? even though the season changed a brotha still has it on default settings based on the upbringing in Louisville / Newburg...

Check the sound as smooth jazz and house music merge with this track by SofaTalk called Purple Seed (Reekee Soul Version)

Check it out!! this is going down from Italy to the ATL!! by now you should know how we're working!!

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