Saturday, October 20, 2018

Meshell Ndegeocello - Luqman feat. Jack De Johnette, Oliver Lake, Don Byron & Gregoire Maret

Sunday Jazz err I mean Digital Crate Digging Continues; this is the Saturday Night Fever edition..

Son of God spazzing due to bad meals on these menus? holla at me if you've had to file a petition..

Odd that partitions separated the segments as overseers / gatekeepers we're negligent / derelict in their duties..

Separated like these counties down here in Georgia suppressing the vote, hate keepers that didn't want to let it go / acting brand new with these..

Hated, now bounties we're placed over heads!! stressing, no hope? please!! we kept it moving now listening to some jazz from none other than Meshell Ndegeocello with a jazz track called Luqman

Oh yes!! blessing my people with this track that features Jack De Johnette, Oliver Lake, Don Byron & Gregoire Maret; referencing the Quran's Surah Luqman? 

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