Monday, October 29, 2018

The I-20 Chronicles (The OctoberFest PT. 10)

Still out here on I-20 in Atlanta, putting it down on a Monday morning..

OctoberFest is coming to a close; per hate crimes committed from Florida to Louisville to Pittsburgh the devil will oppose; "buking / scorning"

Being built or torn down per these debatable circumstances? I didn't merge based on Louisville / Newburg default settings so I'm taking chances; to make advances they told me to download the app but it sounded like a trap!! this dude will govern himself accordingly.

The level of scorn wasn't turned down; I kept it moving the bridge wasn't burned down!!  routines / rites and rituals were followed so the fashion would be orderly. 

Beats bump on a Music Monday during  these hectic times; we'll take it to the bridge even though thought and fashion police await us at the border like it's the migrant caravan.

We kept it moving down I-20 in Atlanta, dripping knowledge so my people won't be caught up in the system / matrix;  somebody might understand. 

Caught up in the unpleasant situation due to the instigation? some will use the rhetoric like Trump.

Still rolling down I-20 in Atlanta per these last few days of OctoberFest;  check out how we pull up using this forensic rhetoric and beats that bump. 

Getting over the hump is the mission,  the humpday extravaganza can go down at anytime. 

Even on this Monday morning? getting over the hump is the business,  facing setbacks and obstacles;  even an enemy land mine. 

Like Alonzo Mourning we're exercising power like a forward; Monday Motivation, fortified during Scorpio Season..

Doing the damn thing!! still rolling down I-20 in Atlanta, but we're not playing with them, we know how the sport will go; hip to the treason..

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