Saturday, October 06, 2018

Mandingo Feat. Foday Musa Suso With Herbie Hancock - Harima

Digital Crate Digging Continues; we're rolling with this Afternoon Jazz series...

The saga / struggle continues!! we're rolling, soon reaching our destination, naysayers ask really? are you serious?

We're not joking like Eddie Murphy with Delirious; we're chilling in the lab in a remote outpost off of I-20 in Atlanta..

Not out here rolling Fast and Furious like Eric Holder and them running guns / trying to pull a Murphy on somebody like Mitch McConnell and the crew at the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings..; now Democrats want to blame Michael Avenatti; sometimes it's hard to understand another..

Not out here rolling Fast and Furious like Vin Diesel and them, creeping down I-20 in the bad traffic; those that live in the Metro Area understand a brotha!!

Sounds blast; that's how we work this!! you'll see what it do as we listen to some jazz funk / afrobeat from Mandingo Feat. Foday Musa Suso With Herbie Hancock with a track called Harima

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