Monday, August 17, 2020

Acting Brand New / Acting Like I Knew (Part Five)

Monday Morning has pulled up / rolled around but this science is good for any day, it's going down!! but like Trump vs the Postal Service some are acting brand new..

Nancy Pelosi said they'll address the issue but what address will they use? we'll drop this good word and beats will bump, our way of going postal when we swerve with this, acting like we knew..

Opposed to me and you? "y'all should know how the devil will do" ; him and his advocates are back at it, from blowing up Beirut to blocking protests out in Portland.. protests down here in Stone Mountain, it's even rough for us Capricorn ascendants trying to climb the mountain when we're "all up in the sport again"

Jokers stressed us, wanting us to abort our mission; being built or torn down by the debatable circumstances?  these jokers were acting brand new talking about  Kamala Harris / Scamala Harris or the ongoing pandemic / scamdemic!!

God blessed us during the ongoing madness, so O-Zone is acting like he knew!! it's based on doing the math, word from a breakbeat scientific academic!!

Odd ones stressed us, they even ask me; whatcha got to say man?  they say I'm acting brand new!  I-20 in Atlanta was the runway as I just got back from Pluto /  Mars on a mission!! white lights from the Mothership will blind them!! where can we find them? some waited in the dark too long.

Music Monday? listening to nights in white satin like Moody Blues, so what's the news? were they Dark Knights in shiny armor that had chinks on it? acting like they knew, but apparently they weren't too strong!

What's up with me? kept it moving to the front and back / left to the right; in the ongoing spiritual warfare you might find me bobbing and weaving like Muhammed Ali!

....a Louisville dude that affected my attitude,  now I'm acting brand new based on being up in Louisville in the Buick Regal  riding and swerving down Broadway and on over to  Muhammed Ali!

Whats up with me? acting like I knew about those Louisville authorities based on this Breonna Taylor situation  but I'm still rolling!!  now chilling in the ATL,  but the struggle is real down here!   it's the real deal like Holyfield!

Whats up with me? acting brand new / acting like I knew but dealing with authorities / thought and fashion police wanting us to fail while we're moving on up per Curtis Mayfield!!

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