Thursday, February 19, 2015

Chopping Game Up PT.8

 Soaking up the Pisces sun rays associated with the New Moon In Aquarius!!  everybody loves the sunshine per Roy Ayers...

Out here avoiding ISIS types stealing organs, nefarious ones!! I'm soaking up game as energy transforms matter; we'll get Fire  Like Ohio Players..

During the ongoing crisis? O-Dog is chopping beats up stealing organs, guitar riffs, and drum loops; *Chopping Game Up*  in the A-Town; home of the divas and players; as they *Do Their Thing*

*Play On Players*  was the word from the ATLien; meanwhile I say prayers; but I'll still do the damn thing!! 

Only human; mistakes made;  but playing it like Russell Westbrook at the NBA All Star Game!! millions beared witness at the forum....

Only human though; I was out there in Louisville / Newburg hustling with the rest of the crooks!! a Human League representative!!  Play On Player was the word from the Louisvillian / Louisvillain!!  points made,  still scoring them..

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