Friday, February 20, 2015

Out There!! Outside The Box..

                                  *they got us out there*

We're *Outside The Box*  Out There!! an outside the boxer per Muhammad Ali, a fellow Louisvillian; but am I through dealing?  unlike deals with Under Armour  they don't wanna let this brotha back in...

O-Dog will rock; a Louisvillain? was it like a stolen church or daycare van used in the ATL smash and grab?  *beep beep beep* ...As The Mothership Backs In..

Hustles get knocked!! while you were chilling NSA type haters kept track of them; you're on the grid..

Rolling down I-85 in Atlanta? brakes locked up in the hooptie; plus I've got slick tires; damn!! I go into a skid..

Jakes locked homies up like they were on the ISIS Kill list; but slick politicians in the empire get passes..

....At least some of them don't; but not compared to suffering by the masses..

Hustles get knocked per Rudy Giuliana and Geraldo Rivera;    meanwhile I'm out there on sound missions; conducting classes..

O-Dog hooks up the Funk Seminar; house, hip-hop, rock, soul?  also in his stashes..

A Republican hashes out an agenda to repell Obamacare or stop immigration reform;  it's just a smokescreen it's  not the norm;  just check the status quo..

O-Dog lashes out; Smoke and Mirrors exposed; Conspiracy Theory? we let you know....

....Let you know about plans to destroy you; while the Brotha O-Dog rocked...

Out There; In The Mainstream Of Mathematics; O-Zone was thinking outside the box..

I tampered with the locks on the doors and windows of opportunity...

Flavor Flavor stopped wearing clocks, but I knew the time; knowing there was no immunity...

But it's not knew to me; so this brotha stays Out There..*Outside The Box*

O-Zone?  I'll drop the Good Wood; The Brotha O-Dog will continue to rock...

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