Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Description PT.3

As we proceed and continue!! like the homies standing in front of the Chevron Station over in Stone Mountain with product? once again it's on!!

True indeed!! like Travon Martin rocking the hoodie  jokers were fitting the description!! 

Gloves not fitting due to the Johnnie Cochran depiction? some will skate like O. J. Simpson then seize territory like Putin in Ukraine!!

Love was the message per MFSB?  so!! everybody wasn't rocking!! why are so many people in pain? 
Jokers are still coming with the hate!!  then they want to give this brotha a suspicious look..

Spotted the sideways glances;  the *side eye*  like I was on the ISIS kill list!!  they think I meet the description of a crook..

But I give them sideways glances!! I know what the deal is!!  they were the crooked ones that have the economy messed up..

Please!! spotted how they rolled up!! cold like the Siberian Express!!  they're just a bunch of flagrant agents; dressed up...

Who's the real agents of change? jokers try to express their self like Charles Wright!! dude said he would *put that on everything* like old girl with the hot sauce!!  please!!  meanwhile we're conducting Funk Seminars..

Those jokers can't remember everything due to dementia meanwhile we get with ya as we go for what we know; I  was rolling down I-20 in Atlanta listening to Earth Wind and Fire's Zanzibar..

No Tracy Chapman fast cars; the hooptie is barely rolling!!  but like Brenda Russell I'll get there when I can....

*Outside The Box*  could care less if I meet the Description; They Don't Know This One..

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