Sunday, February 15, 2015

Crisis Management (Conflict With The World)

I mentioned earlier;  whether you do or don't somebody will damn it. 

Now we're caught out there!!  it's going down!!  we're dealing with the crisis management. 

It's like some wondering how ISIS managed to get large and in charge;  claiming territory per the Hostile Takeover. 

*Ain't nothing nice*  about this thing as I tell this story; but some said I need a hot style makeover. 

Chilling out but now the break is over;  its time to get down to the business at hand. 

Dealing out bad cards? like Geico against low income drivers  you know these gamblers are out for a fast buck;  understand? 

We should know from the get go these jokers won't play fair; check out their methods to the madness / so called crisis management. 

That's why I'm in conflict with this world; the wreckless will wreck this!!  then they'll throw up an out of business sign and open up under new management. 

Prayers go up blessings come down!!  so I was able to get free and I'm trying to stay free. 

Crisis management?  whether I do or don't somebody damned it!!  so there's not much they can say to me. 

O-Dog damaged the tracks while O-Zone manipulated the good word. 

Smoke and fog are enhanced by mirrors in this zone but it didn't distract us;  you heard?

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