Saturday, February 21, 2015

Out There / Outside The Box PT.2 (Picking The Locks)

                                            ....picking the locks....

It was like being in the hood; doors and windows of opportunity had burglar bars on them...

Hip to the Deliberate Falsehood similar to Rudy Giuliani talking slick!! so locks will get picked / the spot burglarized; We're Rolling Up On Them..

Now We're *All Up In The House*  with Hip-Hop, House and Soul for them; putting it down!! check out how we do this!!

We're all up in the house!! we didn't quit and didn't stop!!  we picked the locks!! acting like we knew this!!

They need to get it together like stopping the CRE outbreak at UCLA Hospital!!  Get Their House In Order!!  or they'll need to exit this!!

The game is Shady Like Grady but not the hospital fronted on by Blue Cross!! please!! the weather is inclement like in Boston!! soon you'll be feeling it /  how simple or complex it is..

The Hot Message is delivered; but I might have lost some due to the *everybody ain't able*  cliche;  they were in that group....

The Hot Message delivered by the Hot Messenger!!  sometimes over a funky O-Dog loop..

Taking it to the hoop like Kobe in his prime; check the dunk!!  then drink a cold Sobe or some crunk juice..

The Funk Seminar is conducted; might bring some Chuck Brown type funk; Bustin Loose..

In The Mothership we cruise away from here!! taking pictures of the frozen Northeast like NASA!!  Mystic Voyages were taken.

Had to admit; things got rough; we were on an Exodus per Moses telling Pharoah to let my people go!!  now we're back with this; it gets way too real!!  we're not faking...

It gets rough; Some self medicate with coke, weed, Oxycontin; get the Purple Glove Syndrome..

Not like Prince; or maybe Michael Jackson with the white glove!! no Purple Drank per these ATLiens!! but that's another syndrome...

Debatable Circumstances; Being Built Or Torn Down? from outside the box O-Dog will put it down with the drum...

Victims Of Circumstances don't know what hit them; meanwhile we picked the locks on doors and windows of opportunity!! we wanted some so we go get some!!

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