Sunday, September 16, 2018

Johnny Hammond - Shifting Gears

Sunday Jazz Continues, but digital crate digging will be a factor; I'm going in!!

Rocking a hardhat with the flashlight / lantern on top, lime green safety vest, Wrangler jeans and some steel toed boots; so whatcha knowing?

Flowing down the mainstream of mathematics as I mentioned in previous episodes!! dealing with fanatics operating in devious modes..

American Dream pursuits lead to erratic actions as a high and low tech criminal robs / loots; we bear witness in previous modes..

Kept the receipts to catalog the modus operandi, now some will understand me when I play it like Johnny Hammond,  Shifting Gears!!

Check out the players and the track, it's that "good good" produced by the Mizell Brothers on the tenth anniversary of the fiasco by the Lehman Brothers; has anything changed down through the years? 

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