Sunday, December 09, 2018

Nina Lares and Esteban Adame ‎– Gypsy Woman (Remixed By Duce Martinez)

Sunday Jazz Continues!! we're trying to handle this business before it handles us...

The saga / struggle continues! y'all know what the deal is!! somebody understands us!!

The Brotha O-Zone gets scientific after the mothership lands us on earth; I'm just trying to see what it do..

Scientific studies conducted like the  Mars InSight Lander except vice versa; Mars is the home planet  for a Scorpio..

Along with Pluto, so whatcha know?  we're chilling out listening to Nina Lares and Esteban Adame with Gypsy Woman

This is their version of the Crystal Waters song; remixed by Duce Martinez!  they've jazzed it up some but  it's still jamming!

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