Wednesday, December 05, 2018

We're Focused Man!! PT.3

It's going down, but we're focused man / peeping game;  they'll have you out here on a treasure hunt. 

It's going down, things are bogus man!!  check the borderline dynamics;  pain and pleasure measured after we pull the stunt. 

Oh the treasure!!  oh the treasure! that's what was heard! but soon we found out it's under lock and key. 

Pleasurable moments for the mind, body and soul? we're focused man!! per this HumpDay Extravaganza? we're listening to the sounds;  who'll rock with me?

Measuring opponents like Trump vs Mueller? not stumped by the Mike Flynn shady dealing!! a hustle knock would be appropriate..

Roger Stone will plead the fifth whole constituents were stoned, trying to get over the hump by drinking some liquor, a fifth!!  or finding some fentanyl laced opiates...

Phones not answered by corporate casualties like Insys or lawyers mentioned no comments..

O-Zone mentioned answers in front of us; the incense fragrance couldn't overcome the smell; similar to the funk O-Dizzle will come with? 

Drones from the NYPD will front on us; we'll receive an unwanted bonus after paying the price..

Clones are ignored; we're focused man!! we already know the game is "Shady Like Grady"; the way these jokers play? "it ain't nothing nice"

Points are scored; we're focused man!! the price is right as we drop these mathematics per this HumpDay Extravaganza!!

On point!! sounds deployed to the front lines as society continues to front on mine; somebody will understand a brotha!!

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