Monday, May 03, 2021

You Don’t Know? You’d Better Find Out! (Part Five)

 We’re pulling up on this Monday morning trying not to get caught up in the usual routines and rites pattern!

That’s what the apparatus wants you to do; you don’t know? you’d better find out!! they'll need to jump to a conclusion /  recognize the pattern!

It’s going down from Pluto to Mars to Saturn to here in Atlanta maybe somebody will understand a brotha!

...already told you he was intergalactic back in the day he read the instrument panel on the mothership wondering where did it land a brotha!

Maybe somebody can understand another! per Music Monday  a LeVert Casanova that’s dynamic! but others said a loose cannon!

So what's up with the brotha? game over? regretting the Big Pimpin like Jay-Z there seems to be a malfunction! A quilt of emotion opens; some are just simping revealing bad luck in romance Chemistry problems? doing the math, you don’t know? you’d better find out! answers found by taking another chance!

Oh yes!! some were waiting for answers / trying to advance!!  they didn't know and needed to find out!! that "ain't the way to feel"  I was told! others said whatever!

What's the deal?  out in these streets  sideways glances tell the story, plus some are like voter suppression moves made by Republicans, they consider themselves  cunning and clever!

Who's making advances? you don't know? you'd better find out!! ties I had to sever,
I let some go on about their business!

Making advances? that's what we're all about without a doubt!!  now some roll back up asking me;  what's the business?

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