Wednesday, May 05, 2021

You Don’t Know? You’d Better Find Out (Part Six)

 We’re trying to get over the hump per this HumpDay Extravaganza; you don’t know? you’d better find out!

Don’t get stumped by the multiple choice questions on the test, Earth Wind and Fire told you about the Ways Of The World; they’ll blow your mind out! 

For freedom? we’re trying to ride out! launching off from out here on I-20 in Atlanta! it's runway / gateway to the universe!

I see some wouldn’t want to be some but I will help them reverse the curse!

They said they had freedom, they were cutting up!!  but I told them to stop doing that they’re violating straight up and down per Count Bass D..

You don’t know? you’d better find out meanwhile we continue to grind out blue collar style, somebody will feel me!

 So what’s will the deal be? May the Fourth be with you? yesterday that was the catch phrase.

Cinco de Mayo is up next some will catch wreck so May 6th? replenish / recuperate for the next phase! Play on player! of course after you say a prayer or two so what it do? use the force to propel yourself forward! It’s urgent, life is no fluke it goes on so work it! you don’t know? you’d better find out, fill the void!

Check us out, we're working it all out plus it's not shady like Bill Barr and Trump were rolling!

You don't know? you'd better find out as jokers raise the bar but we'll get over the hump!! check us out, we're rolling!

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