Monday, May 17, 2021

You Don’t Know? You’d Better Find Out! (Part Ten)

Once again it’s on!  we’re back to these Monday morning routines / rites and rituals!

The weekend zooms by, now some are back in these offices with the Zoom lies; recognize what it do / does!

A state of doom lies for those in the Gaza Strip as Israelis flip; Netanyahu “ain’t right”

Just a joker that’s trying to maintain power like Trump did with his Insurrection that wasn’t tight. 

You don’t know? you’d better find out because I’m sure him and minions will come with another episode. 

You don’t know? you’d better find out! check us out as we come through in this breakbeat scientific mode!

In the laboratory this morning like a barista at the coffee shop but we’re brewing a breakbeat scientific potion!

Feeling this story? something we’re sharing with ya! plus we'll bring the cosmic slop!! its a way of showing emotion. Old dude from East St. Louis told me to pick my poison aka do the knowledge!! the business was back in the day / Flashback Friday!

Asked me; you don’t know? told me I need to find out if I’m going to find my way!

Addicted to chaos? some of my people are but it led to a loss, the erosion led to despair; this is not the way to live!

You don’t know? you’d better find out! so whatcha got to give / so how are you trying to live?

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