Saturday, October 07, 2023

Wilton Felder – Inherit The Wind

Sunday Jazz Continues, err actually its Digital Crate Digging Continues so you can probably understand the direction we're going in!

Usually O-Dog Day Partying on this Saturday morning that's shifting into Saturday afternoon.

Check us out as we take it down a thousand Afternoon Jazzing for a few due to the vibes! from here in Atlanta to over in Ukraine to now in Israel  / The Gaza Strip jokers are spazzing!

It's rough out here but I hear wannabe comedians out here razzing but what's really funny? not a damn thing!

I had conversations with the wind, now checking out Wilton Felder  with his classic jazz funk track Inherit The Wind. 

He has the Crusaders backing him up on this project with Bobby Womack providing vocals ch
eck out the players to the track!! even Bob Dylan said the answer was blowing in the wind!

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