Sunday, April 28, 2019

Lou Donaldson -- Nice 'N' Greasy

Sunday Jazz Continues!! the question I've asked many times; besides gospel music, what other kind of music should you listen to on a Sunday evening?

This son? not trying to spaz as the saga / struggle continues!! trying to get my mind right, so everything can balance / even..

It's on!! serious about this! not trying to razz anyone like I'm at the White House Correspondence Dinner, not attended by Trump; I guess he's scared of the criticism..

Getting jacked up like Klay Thompson fouling  James Harden shooting three pointers?  ejected like Chris Paul due to the criticism? 

Naw cousin, we're chilling; we're checking out this classic jazz from Lou Donaldson with a track called  Nice 'N' Greasy. 

Check out the all star players and the track!! on this Sunday? we're just  trying to be easy..

 Lou Donaldson (alto saxophone)

Grant Green (guitar)

Tommy Turrentine (trumpet)

Big John Patton (organ)

Ben Dixon (drums)


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