Monday, September 19, 2016

We Hit The Wall PT.6 (Full Moon Recap)

We hit the wall!! what's up y'all?  damn!!  the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse from a few days ago mocks us. 

We hit the wall!!  a fool will swoon falling in love when Slum Village told them not to!!  reality rocks us.

 Now they're back in love again like LTD and Jeffrey Osborne, what are we on? it rocks us like bombs exploding in NYC and New Jersey!!  some fell for the daughter of chaos, but once considered unworthy. 

Who rocks?  us!! blue collar mode like Isley Brothers,  finding where the work will be! 

We know there's plenty of work to do after we hit the wall,  so who'll work with me? 

News conferences were held by Trump not worried about where my birth will be? 

...Actually,  my rebirth!!  as the mothership lands back on earth,  after lights blink on the instrument panel

What's it all worth?  Hunger Games Peacekeepers will try to throw me in the Lion's Den like Daniel. 

We hit the wall!!  G20 meetings,  blue ribbon panels or UN General Assembly meetings couldn't help us. 

We hit the wall out here on I-20 in Atlanta!!  now caught up in #atltraffic so what can you tell us? 

We hit the wall!! coping strategies will fail us, it doesn't matter if the Emmys show diversity...

What's up y'all? the saga / struggle continues as we deal with the adversity.. 

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