Friday, November 18, 2011

Life Is Hectic.....We Felt The Pressure

Me and big homie had discussions..realized life is hectic..we recognized glitches in the we decided to let the chips fall where they may; unlike Janet Reno we didn't force the issue! 

Now structures are on fire like in drama goes down like Occupy Wall Street; we peeped game..spotted plans for your defeat.. knowing damn well there will be repercussions.. I even felt the pressure! 

O-Dizzle will rock...check the percussions...meanwhile O-Zone dropped this good's another hot mess for ya; that's what they told a brotha!

But the Brotha O is a hot messenger; dropping this breakbeat science on another! 

I felt the pressure....word from Herman'll smother the flame; might even cause a back draft! 

Now the fire is fully involved...fireman's's like the super storm on the problem solved when I came back with this math? 

I doubt it...but some will go all out for it...they say a fool was involved in the hood; it's like  Bullys With Fullys went on a rampage! 

The golden rule was not involved; plus due to global warming there's no longer an ice age! 

It was not a hoax..meanwhile I span the globe brainstorming; but whose beholding beauty? it was a tool used to run a scam on some! 

Astro turf was on the other side of the whatcha holding? ....the trinkets were gold plated; straight from the swap meet or flea my peeps will come undone! 

This astronaut is back on earth..just got back from Pluto with the funk..check the drum..but still wishing it was simple..I was even the one to feel the pressure! 

But God is in the blessing business; supplying needs and I didn't force the issue!



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