Friday, June 25, 2021

DEEP HOUSE JUNE 2021 CLUB MIX #deephouse #playlist #djstoneangels #djset...

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we keep exhibiting these Friday Night Fever vibes...

....on this Fabulous Friday aka Flashback Friday however you choose to play; we're doing this for the tribes... we rebuke the contrived illusion implemented by an institution; we already told you it's all game plus they keep changing the rules..

Jokers will play the nuclear option like GOP Senate filibusters implemented by Mitch McConnell; made me feel like Democrats are herbs and busters ready to fail, there's no changing those fools...

O-Zone changing those tools? not at the moment, still using this good word and the sound to get breakbeat scientific!!

It's on like the Justice Department vs Georgia concernng voter suppression now check the session as we listen to DEEP HOUSE JUNE 2021 CLUB MIX courtesy of Stefano Dj Stoneangels Channel Two ; check the playlist and the mix!!

1 - Supernova - Lovely Summer Dreams (Gorge Extended Remix) 2 - Amonita - Amfor (Original Mix) 3 - Gorge & Marc Lenz - Yuna (Original Mix) 4 - Stan Kolev, Juan Mejia - Heartbeat (Mass Digital Remix) 5 - Toolate Groove - Keep Me Satisfied (Feat. Reda)(Original Mix) 6 - Dilby - No More Love (Original Mix) 7 - Ejeca - Free From (Cinthie Remix) 8 - Oscar Barila - From a Deeper Place (Original Mix) 9 - DJ Atlance - All The Things (Original Mix) 10 - Shortcut - Foreign Crush (Original Mix)


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