Friday, June 25, 2021

What’s The Prognosis? Part Ten

 We’re out here on this Fabulous Friday, still doing the knowledge; asking that question, what’s the prognosis? we analyze the information, per Flashback Friday we’re looking at the past but keeping our eye on the future as it approaches..

Retro futuristic with it, word from a veteran in the game who now coaches dropping this breakbeat science...

Let it go!!  you might have missed it still dealing with past episodes and characters with devious modes / minds. 

What’s the prognosis? per previous episodes we knew the villain was lurking in the darkness. What’s the prognosis? some are caught up like Trump supporters, elation is shown for the knight of the night? that’s humorous! previously per Flashback Friday O-Zone dropped knowledge about those waiting in the darkness 

..especially since some are bamboozled by those corrupted, who have the latest / new and improved methods for chaos and confusion!! plus, if they don't work they'll blow it all up!! they’re equipped with a bomb. ....or two; their specialty, a natural flagrant agent but some are unaware / numb..

What’s the prognosis? I slipped through the portal, your dude is intergalactic now spotted on the moon! No lethal doses, left a footprint but not rolling like fanatics leaving a carbon one.. Is this somewhere I belong? not victimized by the scheme / plot of these earthlings rolling like the GOP with voter suppression I'm making myself at home! Now someone you used to know? what's the prognosis? I'm gone, per Flashback Friday and Jill Scott life is now golden!

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