Monday, November 07, 2011

Find A Portal To Slide Through PT.5

What's up? it's like the NBA Lockout...I know what the sport will I found a portal to slide through; but you know the cliche...Occupy Atlanta can tell ya....there's no justice and no peace!

Let the music play!! O-Dizzle will rock out...A veteran whose now coaching in this sport; riding in the Buick Regal down Candler Rd in Decatur / Dekalb County Georgia trying to be at ease! 

Avoiding a legal eagle..trying to stay off of First an earlier episode I was on Beatties Ford Rd up in Charlotte... moving targets are hard to hit!

Earlier episode? I was dipping down Broadway up in Louisville; until haters tried to start it! 

Were in the heart of it...the danger Nigeria..check the mass hysteria..but some residents consider it a comfort zone!

Some slept; waiting in the dark....but then like Israelis in the Gaza;  some rolled up with a confrontational tone! 

Soon there's no comfort for a clone residing in Babylon; so whatcha on...whatcha going through? 

Now check it..whose corrupt with it? caught up in scandals like Penn State officials....they're easy to spot; that's why I found a portal to slide through! 

As I ride through the galaxies in the hooptie; dedicated to the truth is how it'll some thought they saw Northern Lights! 

Or Aurora Borealis..whose foul with those and these? please!! this veteran in the sport will drop these insights!

As we make lefts and rights through the stream of  consciousness..we found a portal to slide through...

As the priority shifts...the Lord lifts us up where we we act like we knew...

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