Sunday, November 06, 2011

Still Low Key With It PT.5

A brotha is still low key with it; I hide my last nerve so a joker won't get on it! 

But the arch nemesis will come to your doorstep; feel the rumble..the earth will quake like Oklahoma.. so I stay on point...still low key with it; but business gets handled like Kool and The Gang; we get down on it!

Knowing the deal about it; evil is the we handle our business before it handles us! 

Being real with it; dedicated to the truth...we were already provided proof..already saw the damage that a vandal does!

Dipping like Randall Cunningham does or did back in the day; Michael Vick is the 2.0 version! 

Slipping through the portal one step ahead of authorities I didn't want to be subject to; you'll get locked down like Occupy Atlanta protesters..I didn't want them to catch me swerving!

....Or catch me out there like Daniel Ortega..merging with revolutionaries and counter revolutionaries!

Like the Hajj pilgrimage towards Mecca..Gods will be done; this is not due to an evolutionary processes..feel me.

Our we Redeemed Pilgrims? haters ask...what's the deal with them? as we let the hustlers hustle and the players play; we were still low key with it; not caught out there like Terrell Owens with it..I'm refusing to be subject to the authorities. 

Whats up with us? peeping game as the system confuses the masses in these hostile territories!

Still low key with it...but using a hot style to tell this story..check this good word....knowledge is dropped by the hot messenger...

I see it...but wouldn't want to be it...please!!  just peep'll be caught'll even be stuck in the hedges like that Georgia's just another hot mess for ya...

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