Sunday, November 27, 2011

Subject To The Authority PT.6

Moves are made; some are good...some bad; like NATO in Pakistan whats up man? its easy to be subject to the authority! 

Grooves are made by O-Dizzle in response to the ongoing madness;  it's going down from Egypt to your local Wal-Mart; whose playing a part? I'm refusing to be a subject to the drama royalty! 

We're showing and proving even during the matrix glitches!! this breakbeat scientific movement is the rebuttal!

What's up with it? business was shady like Newt Gingrich...but we deal with it...flowing down the stream of consciousness; social improvement is part of the mission even though authorities are sweating what a brotha  will do! 

It can be a real mother for ya like Johnny Guitar Watson!! but check how I respond to them..I use a fresh vision to see through the Smoke and Mirrors! 

A brotha had to tell fanatics Im not f#@king with y'all!! like FARC over in Columbia they were the kind to introduce horrors and terrors!

Rolling solo..back in the day the Olds Delta 88 was broke I rode TARC up in Louisville...but I didn't wait in the dropping mathematics when I go there; whose out there? I'm letting others go there!! I usually don't sweat the technique!

Whatcha knowing? authorities go there!! whose stoned and cursed in the town square? some were even beheaded; the outlook is bleak!

Whatcha knowing? I'm going all out like Kareem Abdul Jabbar with the sky hooks; now winning streaks and championships are on the horizon! 

Paying the price!! my team has the battle scars from being subject to the authority; so let the healing process begin!

Paying the price!!...just trying to win..but some are rolling like Vladimir authorities plot and scheme...they want to see our team losing...

"It ain't nothing nice" .....but we continue dropping breakbeat science...that assignment? my team is choosing....

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