Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Subject To The Authority Pt. 5

Peeping game...whats the prevailing theme? Herman Cain will tell you..were all subject to the authority! 

Sleeping in the game? charges will get trumped up like you were Victor Bout..the Merchant of Death...that's how they're working it in this hostile territory! 

No dream merchant like New Birth mentioned...check out the funk the good word...were using a hot style to tell the story; diplomatic immunity is exercised! 

...Back in my habitat; I dipped back to the community..but the hood is not surprised! 

Value meals no longer supersized due to the economy; check the rise of foreclosures in Dekalb County Georgia...habitat for humanity or Section 8 become viable options!

But natural habitats are under attack like its the Gaza Strip; Drones will drop bombs on them! 

Its all natural when O-Zone drops bombs aka knowledge on them and those; its similar to the table of elements!

Or elements of the universe like Earth Wind and Fire; Let's Groove..but the mothership was under fire; we know how a devil gets! 

The chain of command mentioned were subject to the authority; but a brotha gets revolutionary like its a Civil War! 

Word from Immortal Technique..with help from Chuck D,  Killer Mike, and Brother we roll like Occupy Oakland..we disrupt the food chain;  haters will try to raise the bar! 

I heard a fool in pain was trying to erase the scar;  after he was subject to the authority! 

Sounding like Rick Perry or Herman Cain; trying to say anything so he can run this hostile territory!

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