Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Slipping and Sliding

Sliding down a slippery slope; you'll get fired like Jack Del Rio; some were hoping you give up hope! 

...Like Herman Cain ...once considered a fly Negro...now hiding; waiting in the dark following hunches; now some are strung out...down by the Bluff in Atlanta...they hope you didn't give up the dope! 

They heard you were on that "caine"...spotted the Purple Haze like Jimi Hendrix; did you say excuse me while I kiss the sky?

Out to lunch or out of order signs were everywhere!! heard Prince playing Purple Rain...or this is what it sounds like when doves cry! 

Out there!! feeling the pain like Conrad Murray doing four years..whose dealing with irrational fears? now it's crunch time!! whose caught up...a victim of circumstance?  anothers lies helped seal the fate! 

Out there!!..like FAMU band hazing or gang initiations some are feeling the pain...accountants and economists crunch the numbers..now were sliding down the slippery slope!! playa players had on slick Stacy Adams shoes; they'll feel the hate!

Players get hated on!! thin ice gets skated on..it was affected by global warming! 

We wore Air Max cross trainers; with Gods will we were able to climb out of the abyss; now we span the globe..actually the universe..brainstorming!

Ignored Cain and Boortz talking about a fair tax...I see they've got other things to worry about...

Ignored the pain....now check the score...I kept playing like a professional..I wasn't worried about them...it's me they should be worried about..

Wasn't devoid of funk.I took it back to the basic street funk...plus this good word is dropped..we're going all out...slipping and sliding through the portal...

....A veteran in the game whose now coaching...knowing how the sport will go...

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