Sunday, November 13, 2011

What's The Prognosis? We're Now Using Universal Concepts

What's the deal....what's the prognosis? as I analyze the information will we deal with the situation? I come up with a prognosis!

It gets way too real!!! some were like Stanford against Oregon...I'm not surprised some crashed and burned after they rushed in; were they rolling with Conrad Murray? I heard they took lethal doses! 

Others Occupy Portland Oregon....what were we on?  we chose this breakbeat scientific assignment based on universal concepts! 

What goes around comes around...360 degrees!! please!! what it do? receiving blessings or curses?..sometimes both at the same did the karma get? 

Rolling with Angels and Demons...what's the prognosis? as we warn ya about warm will it get?  as it goes down...whats that? the global warming! 

It's no hoax!! you were warned by Al what's the score? some are now facing charges; carbon footprints were found at the scene of the crime!! meanwhile I span the globe brainstorming! 

Isley Brothers were hearing footsteps in the dark...was I strumming a guitar like BB King because I felt those same kind of blues? nah!! I was on some other other! 

The funky drummer is drumming!! paying the price; what? dues were overpaid by this funky soul brother! 

So eventually I'll get whats coming to me; hopefully it won't be like Joe heard a bro? it's all based on universal concepts! 

R.I.P Joe Frazier...learned a lot from the have to fight!! but actually God is already with me!! so a bruh is being blessed! 

Why was I being stressed? the prophetess said misery loves company! 

Why stress? it is what it with it..get over it!! watching television...that's what Dr Phil told me! 

But the bold me is trying to get paid like Uncle Phil on the Fresh Prince! 

What's the prognosis? universal concepts made me peep game; I spotted astro turf on the other side of the fence!

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