Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Still Looking At The Big Picture

Taking a look at the big picture...like YU55 dipping by earth.. peeping game like the Hubble Telescope! 

Whose faking like a crook? as we go big with this scripture and mixture; whose waiting  in the dark..sleeping in the game? so what's up? about to fail like Herman Cain?...then they'll lose hope!

Some can't cope; G-20 was acting funny with the money; check the micro and macro economics! 

G-Money was in the hood about to go postal!! the micro manager rolled up with the dramatics! 

What's up money? we push the envelope like a postal worker..who will work with a bro? I'm listening to the Dramatics; what you see is what you get! 

What's up money? I'm looking at the big picture...meanwhile others were listening to fanatics....the call of duty was answered..it's modern warfare...some were told not to stop and not to quit! 

....Now they're caught up; they fell for the okey doke!! they didn't do the knowledge!

I heard the highlanders laughing at the inside joke;  as we go for broke...paying the price...please!! the mothership gets good mileage!

Knowing how foul it would get...it's like the NBA Lockout.. I  knew the proposition wouldn't work!

Now the low key style is played; chilling out...listening to Heavy D (r.i.p)...leaving too early...meanwhile this brotha will blend into the woodwork!

Let the healing process begin!! the healing of the spirit is not complete!! but I continue to drop this good word and brand new funk; going for broke with this..as I focus on the big picture! 

Intergalactic with it...local and international jokers are acting irrational; I hit them up with this big scripture / mixture!

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