Wednesday, November 09, 2011

They Were Still Tripping

Those folks were tripping!! were they out of sync like Tiger Woods? forgot about some things or people like Sharon Bialek? they were trying to play it like Herman Cain! 

Rolling with the wrong team? they were foul with it.things are tight in these hoods..whose caught up in the wrong plot or scheme? now I heard they're in pain! 

....Somewhere suffering; let the healing process what's happening?  the deficit super committee couldn't high speed and video buffering; it's  plain and generic! 

Spiritual warfare casualties?  its nothing!! word from Joe Paterno;'s easy to be played like collateral damage! 

Locked out like the NBA or cut from the baseball team; what did you learn bro? they didn't care about your batting average! 

O-Dizzle rocked out; let the music play!! the Sonic Assault is bruising and battering haters that thought they had leverage! 

Slackers clocked out!! shattering production expectations...soon spotted at the neighborhood watering hole drinking an adult beverage! 

Jackers knocked out jokers...corruption was rampart in the hood...but that's par for the course..average...

Hackers knocked out servers...part of a cult; the arch nemesis making return visits with excess baggage; they were tripping! 

We already knew the results from previous episodes; the empty promise was not valid...were still paying the check the style we come with...its breakbeat science were flipping.

Your homie is dipping down I-20 in Atlanta handling this breakbeat scientific business as usual...dropping this like earthquakes in Turkey.. 

Realizing it's on me...these other folks are tripping...I couldn't find anybody to work with me...

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