Friday, November 04, 2011

Subject To The Authority PT.6 ....Victims Of Circumstances

Damn!! once again its on...I see some are caught up; caught out there! 

Subject to the authority like Conrad Murray...out there in the danger zone; a victim of circumstances? its rough out there!

Is there any Balm in Gilead? whats the deal with it? let the healing process begin! 

As we take affirmative action ...not the corporate kind though..all up in the action....going for what we Herman Cain accusations are made...but were not through dealing! 

Whatcha working with? they ask a Israel asked boats headed for Gaza...I told them breakbeat scientific principles are followed! 

Plans of hurting it were exposed; making this brotha a victim of circumstances...having us stranded like hikers out by Mt. Everest.. oh no!!! that path is not followed! 

A brotha makes advances; even though G-20 is acting funny with the finances...check the mathematics; no fanatics are allowed in the circle...especially squares! 

A joker dances with the devil; now subject to the authority..back in the day they would get stoned in town squares! 

Town criers announce trials and tribulations of the victims of circumstances! 

Liars intercede with gossip and innuendo; contaminating the word on the curb enhancements! 

Disco infernos were full of dancers!! explosions were caused by the big bang theory! 

....Like Hadron Colliders...society is hating on freedom riders due to the chaos and conspiracy theory!

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