Friday, November 25, 2011


So what's up? I'm visualizing the sequence like scientists looking for the Higgs boson;  as I peep this..the healing of the spirit is not complete!! I'm looking for a portal to slide opening! 

Visualizing this...what are we on? ...looking for a loophole like Conrad Murray's lawyers; rolling like a scout; the landscape I'm scoping! 

Prayer changes things; you heard me?  that wishing and hoping is just like following hunches...waiting in the dark! 

Prayer plus action is the method to the madness; like Kurt Busch without the dramatics my vehicle is rolling like the Mars Rover!!! its very seldom in park! 

The good Samaritan played themselves; rolling down I-85 in Atlanta listening to Bruno over!! they let fanatics get in front of them during Black Friday; now reality will front on them! 

......Now cashing reality checks; but accounts are in default!! gather and hunt my friend! 

Check the Sonic Assault; dropping math with a funky blend from O-Dizzle; I wasn't down with the slow jammers! 

Hell was caught!!! we were under attack from forces of nature and  neighborhood jackers!! plus glitches were introduced by computer programmers!

....From corporate corridors to the hood !! whose caught up in the dispute? a hater will try to jam us up! 

Whats up with it? visualizing out of order signs that should be put up; plus if we did or didn't they'll damn us..that's whats up!

What's up with it? visualizing..the new world order is cutting up!! as things heat up around the globe..even Scandinavians wonder where the snow is.. 

What's up with it? visualizing...check the by product from the four track recorder plus the black ink pen and loose we act like we know this..

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