Saturday, November 12, 2011

Whats The Prognosis? The Sonic Assault Edition..Concepts Revisited

Concepts are revisited; as we come with this...somebody asked the question; whats the prognosis? 

Whats the deal with this? I analyze the information..who played it like Conrad Murray..who administered lethal doses?

Now the arch nemesis is on the premises!! now lethal weapons are chosen like Mel Gibson and Danny Glover! 

Whats the deal with this? check the season..politicians make empty promises...that's word from GOP debaters..whats the response to this? I see lights flashing...they say the game is over! 

...While some are preoccupied and distracted due to economics districts are occupied from Wall Street on over to Oakland! 

....From the ATL on over to Chicago ..whatcha know? plans are put in motion! 

Cruising down I-20 in the ATL.. stopped downtown..noticed that the Who Dats from New Orleans were in whatcha knowin?

As they Occupy Lenox Mall...this weekend? .it's the Saints vs whatcha knowin?

Who Dats were showing emotion!! please!! the black and gold is   everywhere...but referees and officials call illegal motion; but we know the whole game is Shady Like Grady!

I knew the I analyze the information...its not all natural like osmosis; a bruh knows this!! so there's not much they can say to me!

As we approach this...soon caught in a moment of time..dropping science like Osiris during the critical stage of development..

As we approach this..were wishing it was simple...battling the evil opponent..what's the prognosis? the Lord is blessing us...right on time like the Brothers we bear witness to the development...

Now check check it...check it out..we won't we proceed and continue...

Breakbeat scientific business is conducted..the good word and brand new funk is on the menu...

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