Saturday, November 05, 2011

Hitting The Reset Button..Once Again....It's On Default Settings

Your dude found the reset button...I  dipped back to the old community...from Louisville / Newburg to Southern Indiana..who'll understand a bruh?  now I'm back on default settings! 

Observing the scene using diplomatic immunity; drama goes down like Columbiana...whose all up on the set? it ain't my fault like Silk the Shocker and Mystikal if history is repeating! 

It ain't my fault like the Mos Def and Lenny Kravitz version...what's emerging..whats heard or seen? the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia leader is see they got Gaddafi..its not shocking me that the system is alt shift deleting so called endangered species! 

What's up with this bruh? how am I working it..whose rocking with me? please believe me!! O-Dizzle will rock out!! it's on and popping like Act II warns you of danger with this thesis! 

Back in the day rolling down Muhammad Ali Blvd in Louisville listening to James Brown's Mother Popcorn...facing the scorn..the system is knocking the hustle; mental and physical fitness is needed for the ongoing spiritual warfare!

Reset buttons are we get down...intergalactic journeys are taken... lessons were learned when we allowed the signal to roam! 

The system set up punishment gluttons; the signals were crossed or did we work it? jokers talk the other way like Tiger Woods ex-caddie.. I noticed some can't find their way back home! 

But Muslims made the hajj pilgrimage to Mecca...others even tried to click their heels three times like Dorothy but they just couldn't get back to Kansas! 

I hit the reset button; tired of the shady deals..who else feels this way? check out Bank Transfer will others play? nobody would work with me!! I guess they didn't understand this!

As we land this mothership back on earth...we hit the reset back on default settings..

As a brother gets scientific with it..whats it all worth? taking a Las Vegas...placing a bet on this thing..

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