Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Everybody Loves The Sunshine Per Roy Ayers

Soaking up Scorpio Sun rays when I wrote this; but soon we deal with Sagittarius! 

.....Going for what we know;  Everybody Loves The Sunshine per Roy Ayers; but some of these players were like Chris Stewart of the St. Louis Blues..nefarious! 

They had various ways and means to do their things!!  now heard talking about the love they lost like Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes! 

...With help from Teddy Pendergrass; the bruh O-Dizzle got busy!! studied music in the class; checked Grover Washington and  Bob James Blue Notes! 

What's the deally with snakes in the grass? the House Ways and Means Committee or the debt super committee show no pity; please!! you didn't know?  astro turf was why the grass was so green; now blue quotes are heard! 

Jazz, funk, hip hop and house? that's what O-Dizzle plays; while O-Zone drops this good word! 

You heard? Wishing it was I bask in the sunshine that Roy Ayers mentioned! 

....As I multitask; broke!!..put a brotha can still pay attention! 

Broken beats and English is the response; check the breakbeat scientific business that's being handled! 

Broken dreams and promises from the streets, suburbs, in these states and to settlements and townships in foreign lands are represented; love will abandon ya! 

That's word from Rose Royce as we transmit live..we manipulate white noise, the loose leaf, and black ink pens!

Everybody loves the sunshine per Roy Ayers; check out what this black man is thinking!

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